IT security, analysis and preventive maintenance

A healthy computer park gives you peace of mind!

Proactivity is the key to success!

To act at the right time, you still have to be informed, know how to decide, dare to take action.

Available solutions:

Certinet - IT security, analysis and preventive maintenance

Audit and analysis of IT equipment:

CertiNET can analyze your IT infrastructure and give you recommendations on equipment reliability and security

Disaster recovery test

Are you confident that your IT infrastructure can quickly recover after a disaster? Entrust us with your disaster recovery test. We will thus be able to assess how much time it takes to bring your business back up after different scenarios such as fire, flood or other

Password strength test

Most computer breaches are caused by a non-secure password. We will test the strength of your passwords and give our conclusions

Workstation and server security update

We can take care of checking that all your computers are kept up to date in order to prevent any security risk

Continuous security verification

Make sure you have a company that continuously assesses the security of your IT infrastructure

No longer be at the service of technology …

Start putting technology at your service!

Several maintenance packages are offered

CertiNET offers several monthly plans which allow you to control your costs.

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