Fully integrated IT infrastructure

An essential base to be effective!

A fully integrated IT infrastructure allows you to focus on your real business goals.

What is a Fully integrated

IT infrastructure

First, an IT infrastructure represents all of the IT equipment used within your organization.

The fact that all of this hardware & software is in constant and evolving interaction with the members of your company, allows you to be fully integrated.

Available solutions:

IT services - Fully integrated IT infrastructure

Investigation of attacks and improvement report

In the event of an attack on your network, we will find the flaw, patch it up and provide a possible analysis and improvement report.


Do your employees want to telecommute? Let us help you set up your environment so they can access their data from the office, from anywhere, and securely.

Computer hardware sales

We have been a Dell reseller for over 15 years. We also sell several other computer products, be it router, switch, antenna for wireless, etc.

Computer software sales

We have several software solutions to offer you including Panda antivirus, a cloud backup service provided by ITCloud, a Quebec company, the Office 365 suite can include the Exchange server.

IP telephony

You want to switch to IP telephony, we can help and advise you

Software development

If you have software development to do, we can help.

Focus on your business!

IT is our field.

Several maintenance packages are offered

CertiNET offers several monthly plans which allow you to control your costs.

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